[Mailman-Users] Feature suggestion

Robert Thomson sirrmt at dingoblue.net.au
Sun Dec 24 03:20:17 CET 2000

I haven't actually checked to see if this feature exists, but
I've never heard of it existing, so chances are it doesn't.

One of the problems evident with many mailing lists is the spam
that finds its way to it.  Aswell as ORBS/MAPS, procmail filters etc.
one could close the list, only allowing posts from email addresses
of people subscribed to the list.  However, there is much bad blood
about this, because many people post from different or multiple

My first suggestion is to have a list of alternate posting addresses for
each person subscribed.  For many, this'll solve the problem.

My second suggestion is to, during parsing the message, check if the
first line of the message (not a header, although maybe a header
would match aswell) matches a given string
    eg. Intended-For: mailing-list-name
and let it through regardless of the From address if it does match.

This would allow closed lists, thereby catching all spam, shut up
the users with multiple mailing address, and allow a specific override
where necessary.

Cool, no?


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