[Mailman-Users] mailman for my lists :)

Yasha Harari yasha at harari.org
Sun Dec 24 09:43:44 CET 2000


i'm considering using mailman for my list server ... migrating from lyris.

question:  is there a utility or some easy way to import my lists and
auto-responder documents from lyris?  or should i just export my lists and
copy/paste them into the mailman web interface?  or can i add a large batch
of users to the lists on mailman, via email?  (with lyris, i administer and
publish via web and email).

question:  does mailman support "single-opt-in" or do lists have to have
"double-opt-in" for subscribes and unsubscribes?

my lists are all opt-in, but many of them are "single-opt-in" meaning that
if someone signs up over email or the web, they don't have to reply to a
confirmation message.  they are put on the list once they submit their email

we do that because we manually administer our lists and handle all requests,
and we have found that single-opt-in is what most people want from us.  the
occasional spoof registration gets quickly handled and put on our
protect-out list.

happy holidays to you all...


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