[Mailman-Users] Recovering/resetting a list admin password

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Tue Dec 26 21:55:08 CET 2000

At 9:08 -0500 12/26/00, Jim Trigg wrote:
>I lost the email giving me my list admin password for one list.  The site
>admin claims that there is no way to either recover or reset that password,
>and that I have to recreate the list.  Is that true, or can he use the site
>admin password to get access to the list administrative page and reset the
>password that way?  It looks to me from the documentation that he should be
>able to.

The site password can be used (by he who knows it) to enter the admin pages
for your list and do anything you could do had you not lost your password.
Including changing the admin password.

If that person has lost the site password, then the sitepass program can be
run by someone with enough access to the host machine to set a site

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