[Mailman-Users] Mandrake 7.2 install problem

Darron Froese darron at javelindigital.com
Thu Dec 28 08:00:56 CET 2000

On 12/27/00 7:38 PM, "Roger Buck" <rog at saas.nsw.edu.au> wrote:

> Mailman 2.0 installation hangs during conftest (using Mailman tarball
> v2.0 and from mailman-2.0-1mdk.rpm binaries/source). The rpm will
> install but will hang when run. The src.rpm hangs on the conftest - same
> problem as install from source.
> Does anyone have Mailman installed and working on Mandrake 7.2?

I have *never* been able to get Mailman to run on any Mandrake system I
have. I've tried with Mandrake 7.0 and 7.1 without success. When I do the
same install process on RedHat 6.2 it works like a charm.

If you're using the "secure" kernel with Mandrake, please note that it may
have the Openwall secure linux patch installed which will create problems
with Mailman. There is a fix in the contrib folder called

Since I was successful in getting it to run with RedHat - I was going to go
back and bang on Mandrake again to see if I could *make* it run - but I
haven't had time.
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