[Mailman-Users] Buglet or Bozo? Problems with the /mailman/admin/(listname)/members (ie, membership management admin) page

Scott Brown scott-brown at home.com
Fri Dec 29 02:17:35 CET 2000

I've got a problem....I've got a large (600+ user) list

When the list admin (or I, with the site password) go into this page, and
try to select a different chunk of users to display on the page, the chunk
never changes, it's always the first 30 addresses that are shown.

The URL is changing, but the contents of the page are not.

I dont believe this to be a proxy problem (I dont use one), or cache problem
(shift-refresh under IE does not get the correct page)....

Mailman version is 2.0
Python version is 1.6

Does anyone have any ideas?

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