[Mailman-Users] Multiple Mailing Lists

Christopher VanOosterhout chris at vanoosterhout.com
Fri Dec 29 16:27:36 CET 2000

I have just installed mailman (pretty painless even for a non-sys-admin 
like me).  It looks like it will work well.

Now I am looking for some hints on how I may manage multiple lists 
centrally.  In other words I would like my users to have as painless as 
possible experience managing their subscriptions.

Here are a couple of questions:

1) ABOUT MMSITEPASS COMMAND What if my some odd chance a user selects the 
password set using the mmsitepass command?  Will they be allowed to use 
that password?  If so, they could in fact access anything ... right?  Now 
with that in mind, what if I want to use the mmsitepass for various 
maintenance operations during a period of time and then remove it to 
tighten security.  Can the password be revoked/removed and then re-invoked 
from time to time?

2) Is anyone using a single form to provide subscribe / unsubscribe 
requests to multiple lists?



Christopher VanOosterhout
Torresen Marine, Inc.
Internet Division
3126 Lake Shore Drive
Muskegon, Michigan 49441

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