[Mailman-Users] mailman administration without web interface

Michael Boudreau mboudreau at journals.uchicago.edu
Tue Feb 1 23:58:13 CET 2000

I'd like to use mailman to handle two different kinds of lists. 

Both lists must be closed, and only the administrator can post (i.e., they
are for distributing announcements, not for member postings).

One kind of list can be subscribed to by any user, using the mailman web

The other kind should be controlled by the administrator. I would like the
administrator to be able to establish and modify the list of subscribers by
ftp or email, rather than the mailman web interface.

I see there's a form for mass subscribing members to a list, which is easy
enough to do once. But is there a way to update weekly or daily the list of
subscribers without using the web pages?

Michael Boudreau
Electronic Publishing Developer
University of Chicago Press, Journals Division

email: mboudreau at journals.uchicago.edu
phone: 773 753 3298
fax: 773 753 0827

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