[Mailman-Users] majordomo -> mailman migration

Steven Champeon schampeo at hesketh.com
Wed Feb 2 17:00:08 CET 2000

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Scott Russell wrote:
> That is to say that users should be able to post to news groups and
> have the posts show up on the list as well as have posts to the
> lists show up in news groups. Additionally the entire list should be
> viewable on the web. Web posting is not something that is needed,
> just viewing.  The web/nntp functions would be in addition to
> mailman behaving as a normal list.

Mailman already has archiving features built-in, so the "visible on the
Web" part is easy. Posting to the list from the Web is also easy, FWIW.

> The first stumbling block will be the majordomo -> mailman
> migration. I see no tools for migrating majordomo user lists to
> mailman. Did I miss something? If anyone has done before I would
> love to hear about it!

I'm not entirely up on the latest scripts, but when I migrated my
amjordomo lists to mailman, I just opened up the majordomo list
membership file and cut-and-pasted into the "mass subscribe" field
on the new list. Of course, depending on how you have your majordomo
lists configured, there may be other tweaks you have to make to give
the new list the same features (extra headers, footers, posting
restrictions, filters, etc.)

I'm working under a virtusertable setup here, w/sendmail 8.9.3, so if
you're not my low-level sendmail config advice won't be much help ;)

As for newsgroup posting, you'll need to setup an alias (*not* a
virtusertable entry, though you may have to do that as well to
crosswalk between the alias and the virtusertable entry). There
are many tools that will allow you to post to a newsgroup from 
command-line mail - cf. http://www.freshmeat.net for a few.


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