[Mailman-Users] majordomo -> mailman migration

Quent Johnson quent at level3.net
Wed Feb 2 18:44:13 CET 2000

The "add_members" command looks pretty useful for migrating.  I have
lots of majordomo lists and alias include files that I'm about to convert
to mailman.

"add_members" takes a file containing email addresses, one per line,
and bulk adds them.  The comments at the top of the add_members script
pretty well describes how to use it.

I think it will be easy to write a script to generate "newlist" commands
for my majordomo aliases and another one to use "add_members" to process
the majordomo subscriber files.

	Quent Johnson
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On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 11:52:24AM -0500, Scott Russell wrote:
> I would like to migrate my majordomo lists to mailmain in order to take advantage of some of
> the mailman features that majordomo does not have.
> My final mailman setup will look like this:
> NNTP <--> MailMan
> Web <---  MailMan
> Mailman <--> Mailman
> That is to say that users should be able to post to news groups and have the posts show up on
> the list as well as have posts to the lists show up in news groups. Additionally the entire
> list should be viewable on the web. Web posting is not something that is needed, just viewing.
> The web/nntp functions would be in addition to mailman behaving as a normal list.
> The first stumbling block will be the majordomo -> mailman migration. I see no tools for
> migrating majordomo user lists to mailman. Did I miss something? If anyone has done before I
> would love to hear about it!
> Thanks for the help!
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> Regards,
>  Scott Russell (scottrus at raleigh.ibm.com)
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