[Mailman-Users] How to Mass Unsubscribe Users

Stefan Neuenschwander stefan.neuenschwander at id.unibe.ch
Wed Feb 2 20:51:32 CET 2000

At 8:47 Uhr -0700 02.02.2000, Steve Ruby wrote:
>remove_members in the mailman bin directory.
>run it without arguements and it gives you basic instructions.
>Joel Williams wrote:
> >
> > Is there any means of unsubscribing groups of email addresses to a list
> >

once more:
is there an argument to prevent mailman from sending a "goodbye 
message"? we are looking for this desperately, especially together 
with sync_members where e.g. only a mailadress changes but the member 
is still on the list.

S. Neuenschwander

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