[Mailman-Users] hyper-mail vs. pipermail??

Skip Montanaro skip at mojam.com
Fri Feb 4 22:28:08 CET 2000

    Demian> Has anyone tried to make the swap? Is there a reason not to do
    Demian> this?

1. I don't think hypermail is supported any longer.
2. Unless you have a patched version, it's abysmally slow at indexing large
   message collections, because it never saves earlier results.  Each
   message file must be opened and parsed to generate the new index.  This
   happens each time a new message is received.
3. It loses the raw email message (most headers, etc).  I suspect pipermail
   does as well, but may have some other options for archiving messages in
   raw form.

    Demian> And finally, what is the best way to go about making 
    Demian> this change?

I suggest you don't.

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