[Mailman-Users] Implicit Address

Warren Overholt warren at psi-phi.org
Sat Feb 5 07:59:16 CET 2000

	I am still having a problem on the configuration of some lists
that I run.  I have 40 lists that people can join, and then I have 2 lists
that most of the 40 lists belong to (but not all).  This alows a note to
be sent to either a particular year's list or just the alumni.  I set it
up so that I can send a message to the alumni list and it will be sent to
everyone, or anyone else can send the note and I have to approve it
(member_posting_only is set to yes) and warren at hbwoodlawn.org is in the
posters option list.  I also have the alumni at hbwoodlawn.org in the alias
names field.
	It doesn't seem like it should be impossible to avoid having to
manually approve all of the posts to the class year lists, but I'm not
seeing it.  
	Or is this a problem of the version that I am running?  I have
1.0rc2 because I have been afraid to break things that are running, mostly
because I am having to pay for my net connections by the hour rather than
by the month.  If it is a version problem where are upgrade instructions
so I break as little as possible.

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