[Mailman-Users] list dependent subscribeack

Ben Miller bgmiller at dccinc.com
Sat Feb 5 16:36:42 CET 2000

I recently became fed up with trying to get majordomo to work on my
server and discovered reference to mailman which I installed on the
first try simply following the instructions.  I now have a test list up
and running and it appears that all is very well.

I however do have one questions, and forgive me if it is obvious:

How do I make a custom subscribeack file for each list?

I have looked at the options where I can add a prefix to the template
and I have located the template.  Short of emptying the template and
creating the whole message in the prefix I cannot determine if there is
a way to do a custome subscribeack for each list.

Thank you in advance for any replies to my account,
Ben Miller

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