[Mailman-Users] Add new list through web

Roberto Ullfig rullfig at uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 7 22:03:53 CET 2000

Doug Hughes wrote:
> On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, Gerrit Holl wrote:
> > gzbigegg wrote on 949881941:
> > > Hi all,
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm new to this list, I'm going to try to persuade my system
> > administrator, but Rik van Riel doesn't seem to understand why
> > he should change Majordomo mailinglists to Mailman mailinglists :(
> >
> Oy! Has this person actually LOOKED at mailman? It's vastly
> superior to majordomo in nearly every respect. We have both.
> Well, actually, we're transitioning all of the old majordomo
> lists to mailman. The list owner's, for one, are ecstatic about
> the functionality they can access easily through the web.

While mailman is very good; there are a couple of features that
majordomo has that mailman doesn't which are major sticking
points for a couple of our list owners. Mailman cannot do the

1. Set a Reply-To field for a particular message let alone a
default for the entire list.

2. Edit member's outgoing messages in a moderated list.

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