[Mailman-Users] Add new list through web

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Mon Feb 7 22:21:20 CET 2000

Quoting Roberto Ullfig (rullfig at uchicago.edu):
> While mailman is very good; there are a couple of features that
> majordomo has that mailman doesn't which are major sticking
> points for a couple of our list owners. Mailman cannot do the
> following:
> 1. Set a Reply-To field for a particular message let alone a
> default for the entire list.
> 2. Edit member's outgoing messages in a moderated list.

3. Use a list of "approved posters" that is shared between multiple lists.  I
have a bunch of related lists where the same group of people subscribe and
unsubscribe from the sub-lists by category.  In majordomo, I just put all
their various email addresses in one big file and pointed the "allow posts by"
config variable for all of the lists to the same big file.  In Mailman I have
to enter the same list in the web form for all the sub-lists.

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