[Mailman-Users] Error decoding authorization cookie.

Chris Albone yvain at gmp.usyd.edu.au
Wed Feb 9 01:35:46 CET 2000

Gelfandbein Boris wrote:

> Hello MailMan,
>   I now test this erro on another machine on IE5.0
>   i don't recieve any errors but any changes are cleaned after
>   editing.

Yah... its likely to do with the way that your browser handles

Also, I found that we were getting problems like this when people were
accessing the admin pages through a proxy array. The problem was that
every request could potentially come from a different ip address. The
cookie that is set depends on the ip of the initial request for its
value. If the next request comes through a different proxy, then the
cookie will be incorrect..

>   any propositions?
>   thanks!
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