[Mailman-Users] Restricted post

gzbigegg gzbigegg at 21cn.com
Wed Feb 9 07:14:54 CET 2000

hi all,

I created a list for public subscribtion, but only a few users can post to the list, the rest of subscribers can only receive postings.

I do it by setting the 'Privacy Options':
General posting filters:
-- Must posts be approved by an administrator? Yes
-- Restrict posting privilege to list members? No
-- Addresses of members accepted for posting to this list without implicit approval requirement. foo at foo.com

So only the foo at foo.com can post to this list without approval from list admin.

Q1: Is this setting correct for restrcting postings? Any extra setting needed?
Q2: I'm considering using a password to verify the user who has privilege to post to the list. That is, foo at foo.com must provide a valid password before he sucessfully post to the list. Is this feature included in the current mailman? What to do if I have to implement it by myself?

Liu Yan

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