[Mailman-Users] Incorrect address reported in 'message held' notice to moderator

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec at ijs.si
Fri Feb 11 16:25:15 CET 2000

Using Mailman 1.1 and Python 1.5.2.

The message received by the administrator of the list
about a message being held for approval is misleading and not useful:

| Subject: Test post approval required for cyrustest at ijs.si
| Your authorization is required for a mailing list posting request
| approval:
|     List:         Test at ijs.si
|     Reason held:  Moderated list
|     From:         cyrustest at ijs.si
=>    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I have 'USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER = 1' which works much better for
me than relying on broken 'Sender' headers.

The reported 'From: cyrustest at ijs.si' address is neither
the 'From:' field of the post (as the name might suggest)
nor the sender address from its envelope header (which would
be more logical having set USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER=1),
but is the irrelevant contents of the 'Sender:' field.

The message should either say 'Sender: cyrustest at ijs.si'
which would be correct but unimportant, or it should
report either the Sender or the envelope sender address
based on the value of variable USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER, since this
it the only address that really matters (it decides whether
the message is passed or held for approval).

The incorrect reported address makes it difficult to
see the reason why the posting was being held.


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