[Mailman-Users] configuration problems

Michael Boudreau mboudreau at journals.uchicago.edu
Fri Feb 11 18:09:46 CET 2000

I'm setting up a new list with Mailman v1.1 and finding some configuration
items either not working or not configurable.

- I have selected "No" for "Send monthly password reminders", but the
welcome message I got when I joined the list after setting it up still said
I would receive a monthly reminder.

- I have selected "Yes" for "Show member addrs so they're not directly
recognizable as email addrs", but the URL for the subscription page in my
welcome message included the "@" sign in my email address, instead of

Are the email messages from the list configurable as the HTML pages are?

- I have selected "No" for "Can list members choose to receive list traffic
bunched in daily digests", but the list info page still offers this option
(with the "No" and "Yes" labels, minus the radio buttons)

Have other people experienced these problems? Are there known workarounds?
(I found nothing in the archives about editing the email messages.)

Michael Boudreau
Electronic Publishing Developer
University of Chicago Press, Journals Division

email: mboudreau at journals.uchicago.edu
phone: 773 753 3298
fax: 773 753 0827

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