[Mailman-Users] Tutorial for mailman for newbie list-admins?

Demian Hanks demian at csbs.utah.edu
Fri Feb 11 21:30:05 CET 2000

Hello All,

I have set up new listserver using mailman, and I'm beginning
to make it available to users throught our college. Part of my 
initial motivation for setting up mailman is the fact that I don't
have to admin each of the lists. I am a little concerned about
the ability of some of my list-admins to use the "best" configurations
regarding bounce options, privacy protection, and other configs. 

So I asked one of our web guys to setup a tutorial of sorts as a resource 
for these list-admins and I wanted to get some feedback from other 
people that might be in the same position. 

Mostly I am interested in making sure that one lists configuration will 
not adversly affect the other lists. 

There is a link for the tutorial at http://lists.csbs.utah.edu 
I also plan on makeing the mailman-faq, list archive and docs available.
I would appreciate any suggestions for additions/changes.
I'd also like to know if it is possible to lock some configurations like
"require confirmation" for all lists on the server, maybe via a cron script that 
checks the settings once a day, or deep within the mystic of mailman's code.

Demian Hanks
CSBS Network Admin.

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