[Mailman-Users] config problems

Michael Boudreau mboudreau at journals.uchicago.edu
Fri Feb 11 23:10:35 CET 2000

To follow up on my previous message, although the HTML for the list info
pages seems to ignore some configuration options (like whether digests are
possible, or archives are kept), it appears that *almost* all the
list-specific HTML can be edited (one exception: the text beginning "To
change your subscription" near the end of the List Info page seems to be
globally set).

However, the text of the email message welcoming new members comes from a
global template, so I can't edit that for a specific list. Make that a
feature request.

I'm still having the problem that in the welcome message, my subscription
page URL is given in the form


but this URL generates an "Error 400: Bad syntax in URI" message from my
web server (WN 2.2.2). If I change the URL, substituting "__at__" for "@",
it works. I also notice that the URL with "@" seems to work properly with
the mailman-users list, though. Any idea what's going on?

Michael Boudreau
Electronic Publishing Developer
University of Chicago Press, Journals Division

email: mboudreau at journals.uchicago.edu
phone: 773 753 3298
fax: 773 753 0827

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