[Mailman-Users] FHS on Linux (Re: Deleting a list)

Karl EICHWALDER ke at gnu.franken.de
Sun Feb 13 09:17:16 CET 2000

[I'm just glancing through the archive...]

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu writes:

|   Happening to have such a box right nere, its also
|   /var/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist (to which the above /usr/sbin/rmlist is
|   a symlink).  The more annoying thing on Debian is that ~list (the
|   UID that MailMan runs under under Debian) resolves to a
|   useless/non-existent directory.

This discussion is of some interest to me; I'm starting to prepare a
mailman package for SuSE Linux.

I'm inclined to store the whole machinery under /var/lib/mailman
(dynamic files) and /usr/lib/mailman ("static" files), with
bi-directional links for convenience.  For my understanding that's
conforming with the FHS, too.

IMO, it's not a good idea to clutter the .../sbin area with more links
than absolutely necessary; sooner or later you'll encounter namespace
problems ;-)

On SuSE Linux, ~mailman will expand to /var/lib/mailman, where you'll
find configuration files, templates, etc.  To ~mailman/.bashrc I'll add 


This way, the `mailman' user can invoke the adminstrative commands
without path information.

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