[Mailman-Users] removing /mailman/ from URLs

Demian Hanks demian at csbs.utah.edu
Sun Feb 13 20:34:24 CET 2000

You may want to drop the index.html, and just go with:
http://list.domain.com/ == /listinfo.cgi or whatever.

I use a regex to redirect "exact / /listinfo.cgi"

I believe that the apache syntax is: 
Redirect / http://list.domain.com/listinfo.cgi

I was going to setup an index.html, but it seems pointless since 
listinfo already generates a page for you, although you may have 
some other reason I'm not awary of.
Mine is at http://lists.csbs.utah.edu

Hope this helps,


Danny Yee wrote:
> I've set up a separate domain (lists.domain) just for mailman, and an
> Apache virtual host for it.  The following Apache config
> <VirtualHost IP>
>         ServerName lists.domain
>         Alias /pipermail/ /var/mailman/archives/public/
>         Alias /index.html /var/mailman/index.html
>         ScriptAlias / /var/mailman/cgi-bin/
> </VirtualHost>
> works, in that
>         http://lists.domain/listinfo
>         http://lists.domain/admin
>         http://lists.domain/pipermail
>         etc.
> all do the right thing.
> And http://lists.domain/index.html
>         returns /var/mailman/index.html
> But I can't find any way to get
>         http://lists.domain/
> to return that page (which is basically just links to /admin and
> /listinfo).
> Is there an equivalent of DirectoryIndex for ScriptAliased directories?
> Any other ideas?  Many people do "guess" domain names, so keeping them
> as simple as possible is I think useful.
> Danny.
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