[Mailman-Users] removing /mailman/ from URLs

Danny Yee danny at anatomy.usyd.edu.au
Mon Feb 14 06:56:44 CET 2000

Demian Hanks wrote:
> You may want to drop the index.html, and just go with:
> http://list.domain.com/ == /listinfo.cgi or whatever.

> I was going to setup an index.html, but it seems pointless since 
> listinfo already generates a page for you, although you may have 
> some other reason I'm not awary of.

Yep, that makes sense.

> I use a regex to redirect "exact / /listinfo.cgi"
> I believe that the apache syntax is: 
> Redirect / http://list.domain.com/listinfo.cgi
Unfortunately this Redirect interferes with the
	ScriptAlias / /var/mailman/cgi-bin/
(Whichever one comes first stops the other doing anything.) 

The combination
	DocumentRoot /var/mailman/cgi-bin
	Options ExecCGI
doesn't work, since the cgi-bin scripts aren't identified as scripts.
I could put in explicit ScriptAliases for every entry in cgi-bin, or
maybe rename all the files with .cgi extensions.  Do any Apache gurus
have a nicer solution?


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