[Mailman-Users] list admin guide v0.2 now online

Christopher Kolar ckolar at admin.aurora.edu
Mon Feb 14 23:53:04 CET 2000

Hello everyone.  It has been a while since I last updated the information, 
but I have finally gotten around to making revisions to my first attempt at 
MailMan documentation.  The second versions of the list administrator's 
guide and quick reference are now online at:

This document has been prepared for list owners: people who are not 
necessarily technical but who own a MailMan list.  For various reasons I am 
locked into doing them in HTML for the time being, but will someday take it 
all and put it into TexInfo format.  Please feel free to send me feedback.


  Christopher G. Kolar
    Director of Instructional Technology
    Aurora University, Aurora, Illinois
  ckolar at admin.aurora.edu  --  www.aurora.edu/~ckolar
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