[Mailman-Users] PLEASE Help!...Relay problem/RH6.0/Sendmail

John Rappold jrappold at SCOCA-K12.ORG
Wed Feb 16 03:24:11 CET 2000

Geem I hate to be whiny but I need to get this fixed pronto.

My lists users can all receive list mail, but those who are posting from
ISPs outside of our state education network can neither subscribe or post
(some lists were setup with auto subscriptions, and they can get the list

I've asked them to send the error messages they are receiving from their
server. Everyone of them say User Unknown Relaying denied.

I'm fairly new to Linux and do not yet know all the ins and outs of
sendmail. Can somone out there PLEAASE tell me exactly how to fix this? I'm
running RH6.0 and sendmail. Also, this server is a secondary mail server on
our network, very few accounts, mainly setup as a mailman server.

A big TIA.


John Rappold
Cisco Academy Regional Coordinator/Webmaster
South Central Ohio Computer Association

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