[Mailman-Users] cookie path

Michael michael at valinux.com
Fri Feb 18 07:40:20 CET 2000

I'm trying to change the url path for administrating mailman, to use hostname/mailman/admin/listname.
apache reflects this as does mm_cfg.py, but when you enter your password the cookie that gets set has the path /cgi-bin/mailman/ (and since that doesn't match the current url, any attempts to do anything result in another password request).
I've looked in the obvious places (*.py) and I don't see any variables that still point to /cgi-bin/ (excepting hard drive paths) and SecurityManager.py seems to use the url it's called from (at least that's what I make out of "urlparse(self.web_page_url)" but I'm not a python expert...).
What am I overlooking?
mailman is 1.1
python is 1.5.2


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