[Mailman-Users] 'auto' mode for new subscribers?

Scott Russell scottrus at raleigh.ibm.com
Mon Feb 21 21:24:44 CET 2000

All -

Thanks to the user who noted there was an option in the Defaults.py file for this. Once I
enabled it the 'open list' option appeared on the admin pages. This is a great compromise for
steering newbie list admins to use a 'secure' list setup while at the same time providing
flexible options for admins / environments that want an open list. Maybe this should go into a
FAQ (or maybe it is but I missed it)

Here's what I found in the Mailman/Defaults.py file. To config this option copy these lines
into the Mailman/mm_cfg.py file and use the settings you prefer. (Don't make the changes
directly in the Defaults.py file as this may get overwritten by future updates.) This comes
from version 15 of the Defaults.py file which was provided with Mailman 1.2 experimental from

# 0 - open list (only when ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE is set to 1) **
# 1 - confirmation required for subscribes
# 2 - admin approval required for subscribes
# 3 - both confirmation and admin approval required
# ** please do not choose option 0 if you are not allowing open
# subscribes (next variable)
# does this site allow completely unchecked subscriptions?

-- Scott

 On Sat, Feb 19, 2000 at 12:07:15AM -0500, Scott Russell wrote:
> Mailmen -
> I installed 1.2 from CVS today and noticed there does not appear to 
> be no 'auto' option (as majordomo has) for the var 'subscribe_policy'.
> I don't want/need a confirmation for each sub request. I just want the
> subscription to be automatically approved and the list welcome message
> to be sent.
> Is this a planned feature or does someone have a clean patch for this?
> The mailing lists I run will be internal to my company so confirmation
> of subscriptions is not a large concern. (In fact it's been noted on the
> current majordomo lists that many people are *confused* about the 
> confirmation reply!)
> A second but related question. Is there a command to email
> list-request at here.com that will subscribe a user and not
> require that user to confirm the new subscription?
> Again, thanks for the help!
> -- 
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