[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Sendmail 8.10 Beta 12 - sorry if its a bit redundant

Jamie Krasnoo webmaster at planetphat.com
Tue Feb 22 04:42:41 CET 2000

Many of you who have upgraded to the new Beta version of sendmail have had
or are still having problems getting mailman to run. The problem lies with
smrsh itself. I had asked for help on the sendmail news group and had
received an answer quite promptly on how to fix the problem and get Sendmail
to play nice with Mailman.

With the new smrsh, the directory to put links in to allow programs to run
was moved.

from default /etc/smrsh (this is what I had) to /usr/adm/sm.bin
you can keep this and create new links or copy the compiled programs in to
that directory, or you can change it.

To change it you:
cd /wherever/sendmail-8.10.0.Beta12/smrsh
vi/emacs/other_editor smrsh.c

locate this bit of code

/* directory in which all commands must reside */
#ifndef CMDDIR
# define CMDDIR         "/usr/adm/sm.bin"
#endif /* ! CMDDIR */

and change it to wherever you like

recompile by doing ./Build
and install by doing ./Build install

See if mailman runs correctly. If not look in your maillog and see what the
problem is. Most likely it will be sendmail complaining about the
wrapper/script wanting the wrong gid.

Feb 20 13:58:51 doink Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script. WANTED
gid 12, GOT gid 2.  (Reconfigure to take 2?)

If that's the case you have to reinstall mailman.

run ./configure --with-mail-gid=<what number it wants>
run make install

test and have fun

webmaster at planetphat.com

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