[Mailman-Users] setting up mailman

Chris Yeo cyeo at horizon.sk.ca
Tue Feb 22 09:10:17 CET 2000

Now correct me if I am wrong, but it would seem that you would be able to
change the "Host name this list prefers" to whatever your want it to display
on the from domain.

Here is the excerpt from the help...

host_name (general): Host name this list prefers. 
The host_name is the preferred name for email to mailman-related addresses
on this host, and generally should be the mail host's exchanger address, if
any. This setting can be useful for selecting among alternative names of a
host that has multiple addresses. 

I use this on a single machine where I have multiple domains that also use
mailman for mailing lists.

Have a great day.

Chris Yeo
Network Specialist
Horizon Computer Solutions
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	> 1) my mail server (sendmail) is  mail.domain.com   and the mail
	> are @domain.com but the mailman uses @mail.domain.com   How I can
	> the word 'mail' from the addresses of lists/owner/admin ??

	You need to define your masquerade as host.  Generally this is done 
	by changing the DM definition to something like


	in your sendmail.cf, then restarting sendmail.

	> 2) the newlist show me a text to include into the /etc/aliases.  I
	> just include it and run newaliases command,  but when I write to
	> owner-list@ I receive the following error return message:
	>    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
	> "|/var/spool/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner pruebas"
	>     (expanded from: pruebas-admin)
	>    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
	> 554 "|/var/spool/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner pruebas"...
	> mailer
	> error 2

	Does syslog say anything extra, like "Failure to exec script. WANTED
	x, GOT gid y"?  If so, you need to recompile Mailman with the


	option to the configure script.

	> 3) And when I reply to a subscription confirmation I receive a
	> configuration error:

	That's because step #2 failed.

	> 4) Is there are any hello_web_page for mailman?  Or I need to
	> links at my portal_page to admin and listinfo CGIs??

	Unfortunately, no.  The closest thing that you can find is



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