[Mailman-Users] WEB administration of lists no more working

Jean-Bernard ADDOR jbaddor at crossworld.echo.org
Tue Feb 22 21:01:47 CET 2000

Hey Mailman people !

We upgrated our site to v1.1 from 1.0rc3 last week, and since that time we
are no more able to administrate via the web interface most of our lists.
(We have a test list which is fine).

For the most of our lists, we can reach the administrative page, with the
admin password. The problem occures then we send back the modified
formulary: mailman ask the password again and send the un modified page
another time, all modifications are losts. A little problem also occures
then we try to go from one admin page to another, it asks for the password
every time, 1.0rc3 didn't do that.

We are sure it is not a cookies problem from our web client, as one test
list is working fine.

If you have any idea how make it works, please send it to us as soon as
possible. Thanks.


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