[Mailman-Users] suply password

Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl at pobox.com
Wed Feb 23 15:37:44 CET 2000

<quote name="Gelfandbein Boris" date="951216587">
> Hello mailman-users,
>   i try to subscribe to list via www,
>   i enter valid e-mail & password, i got this:
> ---------------------------
> You must supply a valid email address.
> You must supply a valid password, and confirm it.
> ---------------------------

The form must be bogus. The version of the CGI's do not match with
the version of the HTML page. Did you recently upgrade Mailman?
How many lists with how many subscribers are you running? Since
your installation seems to be bogus, consider reintalling (although
it's certainly not needed - it's the easiest way).


Comparison Python GUI's: http://www.nl.linux.org/~gerrit/gui.html
Please comment!

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