[Mailman-Users] List mail is bouncing :(

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Wed Feb 23 21:18:52 CET 2000

Quoting Scott Russell (scottrus at raleigh.ibm.com):
> Two things to check:
> 1) Make sure you have the /home/mailman/mail/wrapper program symlinked to /etc/smrsh. You need
> to do this if you are running sendmail. Postfix does not appear to need this.

No, he doesn't need to do this.  Note his snippet from sendmail.cf - he's
using /bin/sh instead of smrsh as his prog delivery agent.

> > 
> > [From sendmail.cf]
> > Mprog, P=/bin/sh, F=lsD, A=sh -c $u
> > [End From]

Paul Tomblin, not speaking for anybody.

'Usenet "belongs" to those who administer the hosts of which it is comprised'
 - RFC 1036, draft revision

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