[Mailman-Users] Retrieve by web?

Rick Niess rniess at netserver3.otr.usm.edu
Wed Feb 23 21:57:34 CET 2000

Hi Pete,

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Pete Holsberg wrote:
> I didn't find it so I suspect that the answer is no, but
> ...
> Can Mailman be set up so that people can retrieve their
> messages from the host that Mailman runs on, via a Web
> browser?

     Not explicitly.  I mean they can browse through the webified archives
to read the messages, but there isn't a mechanism specifically for reading
and posting. (there may never be) Are you trying to setup an online
community sort-of thing?

     If you just need general webified mail access, you may want to look
into a package like IMP (http://horde.org/imp/).  It's a IMAP-based mail
reader for the web.  Works pretty well on our campus.  YMMV.

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