[Mailman-Users] Page includes

Arthur J. Byrnes abyrnes at stetson.edu
Thu Feb 24 21:57:01 CET 2000

I want to change our majordomo lists to Mailman, but there is 
one little issue that is still holding me up.

When your user looks at the listinfo page, at the bottom is the 
data generated by the <MM-Mailman-Footer>, which includes the 
email address of the list admin.

We have some lists where the admin needs to be anonymous, and 
this little thing keeps it from happening.  (Right now well tell 
folks to send a message to
owner-whateverlist to contact the owner.)

I would like to modify the footer to change the info to 
owner-whateverlist, or just remove the info. I don't know much 
Python yet, so I haven't been able to find where this 
<MM-Mailman-Footer> is created.

(This footer is not the footer included with the mail messages, 
it is the one for the html pages from the server.)

Could someone help me with how to change this?

Thank You,

Arthur J. Byrnes
Unix System Administrator
Center for Information Technology
Stetson University,  DeLand, Florida

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