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Scott Russell scottrus at raleigh.ibm.com
Fri Feb 25 00:06:26 CET 2000

Arthur -

I decided to play a bit and came up with this possible solution. 
Keep in mind I do not code python either. This is just what I 
could make out from the code. I did this against Mailman 1.2 from
CVS but I susspect you can do the same:

1) Backup the /home/mailman/Mailman/HTMLFormatter.py file
2) Edit the file.
3) Look for the section def GetMailmanFooter(self):
4) Change it to look like: (beware of line wraps in this email!)

 def GetMailmanFooter(self):
   owners_html = Container()
   owners_html.AddItem(Link('mailto:%s' % self.GetAdminEmail(), self.GetAdminEmail()))
# Comment out existing code. SMR 02/24/00
#    for i in range(len(self.owner)):
#      owner = self.owner[i]
#      owners_html.AddItem(Link('mailto:%s' % owner, owner))
#        if i + 1 <> len(self.owner):
#          owners_html.AddItem(', ')
# End comment

Sorry, no patch today. This is a hack to make each footer use
'test-admin at hostname.com' as the mailto. In Mailman 1.2 this
is an alias setup in the /etc/aliases file. If you update
from 1.x to 1.2 in the future you'll need to re-hack the 
HTMLFormatter.py file.

Try this with care and good luck.

-- Scott

On Thu, Feb 24, 2000 at 03:57:01PM -0500, Arthur J. Byrnes wrote:
> I want to change our majordomo lists to Mailman, but there is 
> one little issue that is still holding me up.
> When your user looks at the listinfo page, at the bottom is the 
> data generated by the <MM-Mailman-Footer>, which includes the 
> email address of the list admin.
> We have some lists where the admin needs to be anonymous, and 
> this little thing keeps it from happening.  (Right now well tell 
> folks to send a message to
> owner-whateverlist to contact the owner.)
> I would like to modify the footer to change the info to 
> owner-whateverlist, or just remove the info. I don't know much 
> Python yet, so I haven't been able to find where this 
> <MM-Mailman-Footer> is created.
> (This footer is not the footer included with the mail messages, 
> it is the one for the html pages from the server.)
> Could someone help me with how to change this?
> Thank You,
> -
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