[Mailman-Users] Running Mailman

Joe Johns woodwork at bigsky.net
Fri Feb 25 20:49:40 CET 2000

Greetings all,

I'm brand new to this list but not brand new to using Mailman.

Over a year ago I started a woodworking list that utilized Mailman 1.1 and 
only recently did my ISP pull the plug on it and left me and 320 of my 
members stranded.  Accordingly, I pulled out of that ISP and went to 
another but they don't use Mailman...yet.  However, just this morning I 
thought of another option.

Suppose I installed the Mailman the software on my computer here in my 
office and RX'd and TX'd the posts from here instead of having my ISP 
provide it.  Is this doable?

What do I need, in addition to the Python programming language?

Is there somewhere I can go to find out this information.


The Twisted Knot Woodshop - "There's never been a classier joint."

Email:  mailto:woodwork at bigsky.net
URL:  http://ronan.bigsky.net/woodwork
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