[Mailman-Users] news <-> list weirdness

A Iqbal Santyaswardan iqbal95 at student.te.ugm.ac.id
Sat Feb 26 09:58:40 CET 2000

Hi all,

remember my news <-> list phenomena?  Well if you don't, here's the case

It used to be that listA is connected to newsgrpA properly (that is, a
person can post to the newsgroup and the list members will also receive,
and vice versa).
Then something happened, I don't know what, that made that connection
vanish.  Not even show in the error logs.  It's as if the gate has been

Well then I tried to make listB connect to newsgrpB, and that seems
to work fine.  (same news and list server, by the way, actually
they're the same box...  just different newsgroup and list)

Then I tried to have listA connect to newsgrpC, and it seems that posts to
listA goes into newsgrpC, but posts to newsgrpC won't go into listA.
Still no error in the logs.

Then I moved listA back to newsgrpA, and now I get this message:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 15:25:01 +0700
From: Cron Daemon <root at server.te.ugm.ac.id>
To: mailman at server.te.ugm.ac.id
Subject: Cron <mailman at server> /usr/bin/python /home/mailman/cron/gate_news

Exception Mailman.LockFile.NotLockedError: <Mailman.LockFile.NotLockedError instance at 81867e0> in <method LockFile.__del__ of LockFile instance at 81abb10> ignored

And posts to listA can be read in newsgrpA, but posts in newsgrpA won't
show in listA.  So, the fault lies in listA ?

I am completely befuddled by this, especially since I know almost nothing
of python.

The easy answer is probably to start another list to connect to newsgrpA,
and move all the members to there.  But what's to guarantee that this
wont happen again?  Hmmm....  what other info should I send to
further investigate this matter?

Iqbal Santyaswardan

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