[Mailman-Users] File Permissions

Frank Martini fmartini at cadencedevelopment.com
Mon Feb 28 04:31:15 CET 2000

Thanks... nope... didn't get anything.... I then used the check_perms 
utility, which found some problems with hidden files.. but still getting an
error. Everything _looks_ OK.. but nothing is working.


>> Hello all. Just moved my mailman files to my brand new 20Gb Hard Drive. Now
>> I'm getting permission errors. Is there anywhere where all default
>> permissions are documented? I can't seem to untangle the mess I've made.
>> Everything was working fine for months until I moved the files...
> In your Mailman install dir, do you get any output from the following
> commands?
>    > find . -type d ! -perm +g+ws -ls
>    > find . -type d ! -group mailman
>    > find . ! -user mailman
> (assuming that mailman is your username/group pair)?
> Chris

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