[Mailman-Users] Lost administrator password

Bill Carlson wcarlson at vh.org
Tue Feb 29 16:32:13 CET 2000

On 28 Feb 2000, Douglas Bates wrote:

> I really did look in the FAQ to see if this was mentioned but I didn't
> find it.  
> How do I reset the administrator password on a list?  We created a
> list and set the password and now neither of us can remember what it
> was set to.  I do have root permission on the machine running mailman
> (it is running Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 with the 1.0rc2-5 version of the
> Debian mailman package, in case that matters).

Login into the listadmin with the site password. If you don't
remember/don't have the site password, run mmsitepass as the mailman user.


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