[Mailman-Users] reply redirection - lists subscribed to other lists

Robert Crosbie bobb+mailman-users at redbrick.dcu.ie
Tue Feb 29 19:39:29 CET 2000

Danny Yee hath declared on Wednesday the 01 day of March 2000  :-:
> I have two lists, one for announcements and the other for discussion.
> I have the announcements lists subscribed to the discussion list, so
> people only need to subscribe to one list.
> But messages sent to the announcements list appear to discussion
> list subscribers with
> 	To: announcement list
> which means that group replies go to that list instead of the discussion
> list.  

would selecting "list" in "general opptions"

"Are replies to a post directed to the
  original poster or to the list? Poster
     is strongly recommended."

fix this ?


                           We are two.

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