[Mailman-Users] Fwd: Subscription bomb tracing - feature request.

Christopher Schulte christopher at schulte.org
Wed Jan 5 01:49:30 CET 2000

This was sent to bugtraq, and I figured it'd be of interest to you guys in 
case you don't subscribe to it.

Does mailman already have the ability to trace such fraudulent subscribe 
requests and such?



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>Date:         Tue, 4 Jan 2000 15:15:22 +1300
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>From: Alan Brown <alan at MANAWATU.GEN.NZ>
>Subject:      Subscription bomb tracing - feature request.
>There have been quite a few subscribe bombs tossed around recently.
>While it's nice to see that most mailing list admins use confirm
>requests now, it would be a great help if the confirm requests contained
>at least the headers of the original request, to aid victims in tracing
>their attacker(s).
>One attack recently notified to ORBS attempted to sign the victim up to
>26,000 different lists via insecure email relays.
>The confirmation requests alone constituted a fairly substantial denial
>of service attack, as did the huge number of bounces the victim got.
>I've only ever seen one mailing list which actually showed where the
>signup request came from. Times are still changing and adding an audit
>trail would make life easier all round.

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