[Mailman-Users] Fwd: Subscription bomb tracing - feature request.

Peter Evans peter at gol.com
Thu Jan 6 01:24:27 CET 2000

Skip Montanaro (skip at mojam.com) wrote:
>     Chris> Does mailman already have the ability to trace such fraudulent
>     Chris> subscribe requests and such?
>     me> http://www.spamcop.net/

	I block spamcop auto-whinges because they used to garbalise
	the headers. Besides, it still cant tell the difference between
	GOL, an ISP in Asia, and AOL, the 53rd state.
>     Chris> And besides, it uses that ORBS garbage.  :)
> There's a smiley, but I still should ask, what does ORBS do and why is it
> bad?  (Off-list, plz.  I'm sure most of the rest of mailman-users isn't
> interesting in novice tutoring...)

	Any ip address sent to spamcop gets a probe from ORBS. That
	good enough for you? 

Back on topic.

	I really would like mailman to archive all subscribe requests
	in their entirety as a standard feature. It would make life
	easier, which is what mailman is all about.

	Perhaps a button on the management page "copy admin requests
	to list manager" would be sufficient, then they can keep/delete
	them at leisure.


	who was just subscribed to some list by someone at some IP address.
	no date was even mentioned -.-!

We have forgotten at least two important things ...

The Justified Agents of Munya-munya-muuuu ...

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