[Mailman-Users] Confused about desired gzip behavior

Igor S. Livshits igorl at life.uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 6 22:28:25 CET 2000


What should be the desired or appropriate gzip behavior versus 
archives? I see that the 1.1 defaults indicate not to compress the 
archive on the fly but rather to use the nightly cron job.

It does not appear that the cron job is designed to remove or 
truncate the source text file, but it does appear that the archive 
web page display will preferentially list the compressed archive over 
the plain text one?

I am not quite sure what this is designed to accomplish as:

1. Modern web servers tend to decompress on the fly when they serve 
compressed text files

2. Disk space is not conserved as both files are kept

3. Compressed archives lag real archives

What am I missing here?

Thanks, igor

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