[Mailman-Users] About mailman new list setup

Rick Niess rniess at netserver3.otr.usm.edu
Fri Jan 7 18:13:49 CET 2000

On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, roberto wrote:
> I have a difficulty when setup newlist.
> After running new list. e.g. abc_list, then the email address of the
> list would be abc_list at my_server.my_domain.com. but when I send email to
> this account,  I got a returned message of "Unknow User" Should I set up
> a email account for abc_list separately? If I do that, how does mailman

     No, but you do have to add the block of aliases that the newlist
script prints out to your /etc/aliases file.  And then, if necessary, tell
your MTA to re-look at /etc/aliases ("newaliases" or "sendmail -b" works
if Sendmail is your MTA).  I hope this helps...

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