[Mailman-Users] Case-sensitivity problem in remove_members and sync_members

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec at ijs.si
Tue Jan 11 12:03:11 CET 2000

Using Mailman 1.1 and Python 1.5.2.

Both the sync_members and remove_members have
case-sensitivity problems when deleting members.

My list members have capitalized names (e.g. Name.Surname at domain).
The command:
  bin/remove_members my-list Name.Surname at ijs.si
doesn't remove the member and reports no errors,
no matter how many times I run it, but:
  bin/remove_members my-list name.surname at ijs.si
removes the member correctly.

The sync_members is trickier, it doesn't help to lowercase
the e-mail address in the file to be synced - it reports:
  Removed:   name.surname at domain (    Name.Surname at domain)
and logs in logs/subscribe:
  Jan 10 19:12:41 2000  my-list: deleted Name.Surname at domain
yet it does nothing - the member is still in the list
and the next invocation of sync_members tries to remove it again.

I had to change routine MailList.py\DoActualRemoval to
use string.lower(alias) instead of 'alias' in performing 'del'.
The sync_members now does its job correctly.

If it matters: the initial members list was created by
running sync_members against an empty list.


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