[Mailman-Users] Feature questions

Peter Funk pf at artcom-gmbh.de
Fri Jan 14 08:38:21 CET 2000

Victoriano Giralt wrote:
> > 	Next question: can I alter the appearance of the web pages (white
> > background, blue and gold section headers) *without* editing Python code?
> > I haven't learned Python yet, and I wouldn't want to edit the source for
> > every new list anyhow.  Specifically, I'd like to know if I can (1) change
> > the colors, (2) change the font, and (3) Nest the stuff inside some kind
> > of header and footer--without using server side includes--by way of a
> > configuration file and/or web page.
> Questions 1 and 2 yes, even via web interface. 3, I'm affraid not.

Where is it possible to do 1 and 2?  I'm using Mailman 1.1 and haven't
found this feature yet.  Please give us a hint.

Does anyone know, how somthing like <URI:http://www.python.org/sigs>
could be made?  If have found a script called 'sigs.py' on python.org,
which edits the 'index.ht' used as input to Barrys ht2html-Tool, 
but this script depends on a file 'sigs.db'.   Has anyone tried to
use the content of $prefix/archive directly instead?  Or build a script,
which will create a file 'sigs.db' from the content of $prefix/archive?
Such a beast would be nice to create a much more appealing list overview

Regards from Germany, Peter
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