[Mailman-Users] permissions / security

guenter wessling hypnose at t-online.de
Sun Jan 16 15:04:29 CET 2000

Hi, all.
I´m new to mailman and the list. Greetings from Germany.

System: linux, 2.0.36, I586. popper/sendmail. 

Test-installation (mailman-1.1) went all right after I did the following:

Created group mailman.
Created user mailman, group *users*.
mailman_tar.gz was done chown mailman chgrp mailman.
(If tar.gz is not chown/chgrp, permissions get confused on my linux.
Tried several installs, none went all right unless I changed owner and
group to "mailman".)

./configure --> /home/mailman
make install

Result is that all files in /home/mailman are owner mailman group mailman.
Lists are created with directories and files
--> either owner mail group mailman or owner mailman group mailman.

After using the little pipermail-patch on apatche, mailman seems to run
without any problems. 
Yet, as I *allways* get confused with permissions and suid-bits, here my
for the definite install on my server:

1. Should user mailman be group mailman or goup users ?
Any dangers in the s-bits if group users ?

2. How can I create private lists ? Change owner or some other way ?

If you have any other comment on my way-of-install, please feel free to shout.
Security is a *main* issue on my system.

Anyways, this is a nice piece of software. And the web-based conf is terrific.

:)  have a nice day  - alles Gute - :)
Guenter Wessling (hypnose at t-online.de)

 - Westfalian Society of Hypnosis - 
 - Westfaelische Gesellschaft fuer Hypnose - 
   48165 Muenster, Germany
   fax: 0049  (0)2501  27273	


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