[Mailman-Users] Error 126

Victoriano Giralt vic at vgg.sci.uma.es
Fri Jan 21 17:59:37 CET 2000

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Niklas Saers Mailinglistaccount wrote:

> > This only says that root started sendmail, but sendmail disvests from root
> > privileges when spawning external commands. It will try to run them as
> > user mail (group mail) or as the user configured in RunAsUser in
> > sendmail.cf            ^
This is the quid. If that is configured it will run as than one BUT if it
is NOT it will run as user mail, not root.
> Right. In sendmail.cf I have
> # what user id do we assume for the majority of the processing?
> #O RunAsUser=sendmail
> Thanks for your help :)
You are welcome

Could you please check the permisions for all the path to the mailman
wrapper? Which user did you tell configure to use for mail? Which are the
owner and group of the mailman wrapper and which are their permisions?

sendmail will not use root rights for delivering, even less so for runing
an external mailer.

Victoriano Giralt
Systems Programmer
Central Computing Facility
University of Málaga

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