[Mailman-Users] REALLY stupid question

Tor Houghton th at nextra.com
Sat Jan 22 15:37:05 CET 2000

* hema (Sat, Jan 22, 2000 at 10:44:33AM +0530)

> Hi
> Replying to your first query...,
> There is no web page that will let you add users to the list.
> You will have to do it manually.
> You can go to the /bin directory of your mailman directory and you will
> find executables like: newlist, rmlist, add_members,remove_members et al.
> Their documentation will help you understand the syntax of each.

Ahem, there is a web page for that. It is available to the listadmin under
"Membership Management"; e.g.:


Best regards,


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